Specialised Services


Sometimes the threat is just too intense for graded security guards, this situation calls for highly trained, special weapons and tactical team. Whatever it is- staff protection during periods of industrial unrest, individual protection, a chauffeur and close order protection, or crisis management in the face of an environmental threat to a company, Tiba Security Special Operations have what it takes to handle the most adverse situations.

Investigations done by highly trained investigators, best in the business and if there is anything to be uncovered they are the right people to do it.

Crowd Control Guards are trained and equipped to manage large crowds whether it’s sporting events, concerts and festivals.

VIP Protection is responsible for the static and in transit protection of our celebrities,politicians, dignitaries and business executives

Intelligence is core upon which we have run a successful operation and managed to gather, analyse information on criminal dynamics.

Retail Security Guards understand your language and your business. Our retail guards are either visible guards, mystery shoppers or undercover guards depending with the situations.They are experienced in reducing shrinkage and pilferage.

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