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Tiba Security

Tiba Security is fast becoming a leader in the South African Private Security Industry. We offer a broad range of services including specialised guarding, products and technology solutions. Whatever your requirements, Tiba Security will create a bespoke solution tailored exactly to your individual needs.

About Tiba Security Services Gauteng

At Tiba Security we focus on high level security and customer service excellence. Currently we are providing specialised security solutions within the following customer segments; Construction Security, City Security and Town Retail Security , Shopping Centre Security and Mall Security, Transport, Buildings, Hotels, Private homes, and small business.

Providing the client with a free Risk Assesment is the key to Tiba Security providing you with a solution that provides peace of mind and effective security solutions.

At Tiba Security we believe “cost value” and “service quality” go hand in hand. Our customers expect the highest standards.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your security needs, please use the information on our contacts page to make an appointment.

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